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Jesolo 2018 UK

Campionato 2018/19 > Stagione 2018/19 > 18° Città di Jesolo

18° "Città di Jesolo"

Thursday april 26th
....Welcome Drink
...Jackpot & Quarter Entries
...."Warm up"

Friday april 27th
14:00....Race Go-Kart c/o Pista Azzurra
14:00....Jackpot & Quarter Entries
17:00....Single & Double Consulting
... Dinner break
....Speed Gammon
....Flash Gammon

Saturday april 28
....Play resumes
...Open CNB
..."Jesolo Beach" Tournment
...Dinner breakinner breack

Sunday april 29
10:30...Play resumes
...Team Consulting
....Ladies Tournament
18:30...Fernando Braconi's seminary
... Dinner break
....i18th "City of Jesolo" (all categories)

Monday april 30
....Play resumes
....Dinner break
21:00....Calcutta auction (last 8 champion category)

Tuesday may 1st
....Play resumes
...."Hotel Atlantico" goodbye tournament
....Final Champion and Intermediate categories
....Award Ceremony




side pool

Main events
Open CNB
Hotel Atlantico Tournament

Side events
Warm Up
Single & Double Consulting (per couple)
Team Consulting (per team)
Speed Gammon
Flash Gammon
Jesolo Beach
Swing Tournament
Ladies Tournament





- 6,25%




Champion - Double Elimination
This tournament will be held using a double elimination format, at the end of which 8 players will qualify for the final phase - 4 will access through the winners ("main") bracket and 4 through the losers ("second chance") bracket. Those who lose a match in the winners bracket will be dropped to the losers bracket where they are granted a second chance to enter the finals. The first pairing of the final phase will be drawn randomly, as in a single elimination tournament. In the winners bracket, victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 11 points. In the losers bracket, victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 9 points. In the final phase, the points required to be awarded victory are as follows: quarterfinals 11 points, semi-finals 13 points, grand final 15 points.
This tournament counts towards the 2018/19 Italian Championship leaderboard.

Intermediate - Qualification phase and Play-offs.
The 11 tournaments in this circuit are played using a qualification phase followed by play-offs and a consolation bracket system. The consolation bracket shall be set up in accordance to the number of players who register for the tournament. In the qualification phase, victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 5 or 7 points. During the play-offs, victory is awarded as follows: quarterfinals 7 points, semi-finals 9 points, grand final 11 points. Victory in games played in the consolation bracket will be awarded to the first player who reaches 5 points up to the grand final, which will be won by the first player to reach 9 points. In the case of a tie the following tie-breaker systems will be used in this order: direct encounter/separate standing ("classifica avulsa"), Neustadtl Sonneborn-Berger score. If these means of tiebreaking do not suffice, the following system shall be used: victories earned by a player with a score of 7 to 6 in this tournament will be awarded 0,90 points instead of 1 point. Losses by a score of 6 to 7 will award an additional 0,10 points. This discriminating factor will only take effect if the score before the last game of the match was tied 6 to 6. In case 3 players are tied and the aforementioned tie-breaks are only able to determine the best of worse player among them, the remaining tie shall be broken using the direct encounter method.

Beginner - Round Robin

Open CNB - Formula Swiss-style to 5 points & KO System 7 points
Players are eliminated from the tournament after their 2nd loss. Byes count as victories. The number of turns and the number of players to award prize to are to be decided at the beginning of the tournament.
Usually are 5 rounds - after this - only who have zero or 1 loss go in final phase KO-System 7 points.
This tournament counts towards the 2018/19 Italian Championship leaderboard.

Hotel Atlantico Tournament
Victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 7 points (re-entry is possible).
This tournament counts towards the 2018/19 Italian Championship leaderboard.

Single and Double Consulting

During the first phase of this tournament each team will play 2 Single matches to 5 points and a final Consultation to 9 points. Each won Single match will award 3 points. Each lost Single match will award 0 point unless the final score is 5-3 or 5-4, in which case it will award 1 points.
The Final Double Consulting match shall start off from the score achieved after the 2 Single matches.

Team Consulting - "Oh captain, my captain"

Each team is made up of three players who sit at side-by-side tables. The "captain" of each team shall be seated between the other two "members" of the same team. Each player plays one and only one match against one opponent. The games are played using a game clock and victory shall be awarded to the first player to reach 5 points. The match is won by the team that wins at least 2 matches. The director can interrupt the third match in case its result is irrelevant to the outcome of the challenge.
During his/her own turn, a "member" may ask his/her "captain" for advice on a move or a cube action. In such case, the captain may stop his/her own clock and give said advice. The captain can only offer advice following a request from a team "member".
Only 6 "advice requests" can be asked for each match and left-over requests are not carried to the next match. In case the captains' game is over and the result of the match remains undecided, the captains may still offer advice to their team-mates as described above.

Ladies Tournament
Victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 7 points. There is no consolation bracket.

Speed Gammon Tournament
Victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 5 points (re-entry is possible)
Time limit: 2 minutes plus 10 seconds per move.

Flash Gammon Tournament

Victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 3 points (re-entry is possible).
Time limit: 1 minutes plus 8 seconds per move.

Jesolo Beach Tournament
Victory is awarded to the first player who reaches 3 points (re-entry is possible)

Swing Tournament

In this tournament each player starts off with the same number of victory points (VP) and they play until one has acquired every available VP. Players usually start with 10 to 15 VPs, depending on the number of registered players and available time. Matches are played using a best-of-1 format and pairs are determined randomly (two players can never encounter each other more than once). 1 VP is gambled in the first turn, 2 VPs in the second, and so on - the increment is slower at the beginning and gets steeper as the tournament goes on, using a similar method to that of blinds in poker (a table showing the betting system shall be available at the beginning of the tournament).
Doubles, Gammons, and Backgammons are allowed and modify the VP prize.
If a player owns less VPs than the sum to be gambled at the beginning of a match, they shall bet all the VPs they have left and go "all-in". In such cases the prize total for the match shall be the total VPs that player bet (not the prize indicated in the bets table).
When a player runs out of VPs they are eliminated from the tournament.
In case there is an odd number of players at the beginning of a round, one of them shall be drafted at random to skip the round. That player's VPs shall not vary during this round.
The organizer is entitled to stop the tournament when 2 or 3 players are left (after having said so to the players with adequate advance notice). In this case the prize money shall be divided among the finalists in accordance with the number of VPs they have.


  • Those who stay at Hotel Atlantico on Friday 27th can enjoy the competitive Go-kart track "Pista Azzurra". If enough people register a race shall be held - the registration to this event is capped at 15 people. Participants shall be given 10 minutes practice during which the best lapse shall be timed in order to establish the starting grid for the final race. The race shall last 10 minutes.

  • An auction shall be held at dinner time on Monday. The nametags of the last 8 players standing in the Champions tournament shall be auctioned. The pot will be won by the "owner" of the tournament winner.


During the tournament registration, players can decide to add a fixed fee to participate in the Side Pot.
The Side Pot will be added to the Tournament Pot, and will be assigned to the player(s) participating in the Side Pot who will lose in the latest round in the tournament according to the table below.
1 Winner Final Round
2 Finalist Final Round
3 Semifinalist Final Round
4 Quartefinalist Final Round
5 Final Round -1 (Main Quarterfinalist / Second Chance Quartefinalist)
6 Final Round -2 (Main Last 16 / Second Chance Last 16)
7 Final Round -3 (Main Last 32 / Second Chance Last 32)
8 …
The side pot will be split in case of ex-aequo between more than one player according to the table.


A mandatory all players must be members of the Circuito Nazionale Backgammon, cost of membership year 2018 € 15,00.

The Tournament matches take precedence over all other form of play.

A player who leaves the playing area during the tournament, he/she must inform the Tournament Director. Failure to do so may results in penalty points being given.

In case of any dispute, the director will apply the EUBGF/CNB international rules.

The event is invitation only - the organization reserves the right to charge the program or any of its part and do refuse registration.Changes will be annunced in advance and posted on Notice Board.

Clocks are mandatory in the Champion division, Doubles, Speedgammon and Flashgammon.

By participating to the tournament, you accept authorise the CNB to video-record, live stream, and/or otherwise broadcast any or all Tournament matches.

via Bafile, 3° accesso al mare, 11
30016 Jesolo Lido (VE)

1-2 day
Per person per day with halfboard

3 days
Per person per day with halfboard

4 days
Per person per day with halfboard

5 days
Per person per day with halfboard

Double room (with two guest)

Euro 67.00

Euro 181.00

Euro 236.00

Euro 285.00


Euro 87.00

Euro 216.00

Euro 287.00

Euro 349.00

Double single occupancy

Euro 97.00

Euro 246.00

Euro 328.00

Euro 400.00

Seafront with two occupancy

Euro 76.00

Euro 206.00

Euro 268.00

Euro 325.00

Seafront double single occupancy

Euro 106.00

Euro 276.00

Euro 368.00

Euro 450.00

Discounts for children:
up to 2 years charged Euro 15.00 - 2 to 6 years -50% - 7 to 11 years -40% - + than 12 years -15%.

Prices on request for family rooms (for 4) and triple.

City Tax 2,50 EURO each day


Tel. 0421/381273 Fax 0421/380655 - -

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