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Italian Backgammon Championship

Scheduled tournament

Italian Championship 2019/20       Tournament Rules CNB /WBGF   -    RANKINGS (at  30/10/20)  CHAMPIONS category   ADVANCED category

Hello everyone,
  Welcome to a brief introduction to the 21st City of Jesolo, a popular Backgammon tournament organised by the CNB, a sport association that organises Italy’s best tournaments. As the name suggests, the tournament takes places in Jesolo, a popular italian summer holiday destination on the Adriatic coast. Every year it hosts around 100 players and is a key tournament of the italian championship the Circuito Nazionale di Backgammon, made up of 7 tournaments in different locations in Italy.
A few words on JESOLO
Jesolo is a beautiful seaside town with one of the largest beach resorts in the country and is surely one of the most popular!  The tournament is organised either just before or after the season to allow our players to enjoy a cooler climate. The only inconvenience can be a bit of rain, but true backgammon veterans will know that playing can brighten up even the worst rainy day. The beach is very well kept, the sea is clean, and the hotels in the area offer great services to their guests. Jesolo offers all kinds of family friendly activities such as: Go-Karting, the water park Aqualandia, Tennis and Horse riding.

How to reach JESOLO
JESOLO IS JUST 20 MINUTES BY CAR FROM VENICE MARCO POLO AIRPORT. You can either rent a car at the airport, or there is a bus that will bring you to the city.  From MESTRE (VE)  train station, there is a bus that will take around 40 minutes. You can also reach Jesolo from VENICE either by boat or bus.

The Hotel Atlantico**** will host the tournament! Most of the tournament will take place on the covered terrace, with a beautiful seaside view. Over the years the hotel staff have offered us great service and the bar has been kept open till late. Dinner and breakfast are served punctually and there are reduced prices for our players.

The City of Jesolo Tournament began as a satellite of the more important Torneo Internazionale Città di Venezia, and continued to be so until 2006 when it entered as part of the Italian Championship, the Circuito Nazionale Backgammon or “CNB”, as main tournament. The tournament has always been a great platform for experimenting new formulas such as: Swing, Double Consulting (Similar to the Davis Cup in Tennis), the actual Double Elimination, the Team Event Consulting, the Iper Backgammon, and the Triple Elimination with playoff.

The City of Jesolo is a destination for the best italian backgammon players and players coming from nearby nations. The pre-covid edition of the tournament welcomed 110 players where normally the nationality split mix was about 60% Italian, 40% European and other nationalities. It’s not a coincidence that some of the BG community’s top players have played at Jesolo: American player Bob Watchel, incredible european and british players, and also International backgammon community VIPs such as Arda Fındıkoğlu hve all played at Jesolo.

2021 Edition
Covid was a big challenge for everyone, and although players are rightly careful about transmission of the virus, the situation has largely improved. If  there is a reduced number of inscriptions we will understand it and respect it, however the program for the moment remains full of opportunities with 11 tournaments planned for the coming year. Depending on the number of inscriptions, expertise and results on the day of play, players can often start play in the morning and finish late at night.

This year the CNB is organising a Warm Up tournament ahead of the 21st City of Jesolo: the 5th Torneo Cavallino Treporti. The Torneo Cavallino is a lighter and lower budget tournament hosted at the Hotel Junior that will see the partecipation of many members of the Venice Backgammon Club and other friends from the backgammon community. It is the perfect introduction to the City of Jesolo and also a great chance to socialize, and meet other players whilst enjoying a family friendly environment.

We hope you’ll enjoy the mix of the two tournaments.
The CNB is looking forward to welcoming you!

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